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The Future

Unthinkable. Unpredictable. Unfathomable. There are the words that come to mind when thinking about the future while the future is accelerating towards us. It seems every day brings new unimaginable events. Just 3 years ago we had not heard of Covid19. The concept of a world-wide pandemic was complete science fiction to us. Now, however, it is a part of our lives and it has changed so much. ‍One of the major changes is in the field of communication. What's changed since the pandemic? Today people work from home connecting to their colleagues and business partners by Zoom. It has become a new normal. Among those who are currently working from home all or most of the time, 78% say they would like to continue to do so after the pandemic, up from 64% in 2020.‍This has also led to a need to speak a common language. Before Covid19, the CEO had to take a plane and actually physically go to another country to negotiate a deal. Now the team gets on Zoom and does it.‍French is the language of love. Italian is the language of song. English is the language of problem-solving. Thus is it the language of business. People who previously never needed to speak English are finding it necessary to learn English to keep their jobs. According to the World Economic Forum 1 billion people use English as a second languageWhat is the solution to this problem if your English is not on par with the company standards? How do you move forward? You may be doing some self-study and watching tutorials, but that is not enough to help you reach the standard. It's absolutely necessary to bring in classes. So here is my recommendation for you:There are numerous apps, most of them are like text books, a lot of them have too many options, so all of this gets confusing. I want to introduce a completely next-level app called Blabla Live! It's available on Android or iOS. What is unique about this app? How does it stand out among other apps? Blabla Live gives you access to free English chat rooms, to English videos designed by native speakers and lets you have classes with highly qualified tutors online. What a perfect combination of the necessary ingredients for your language success! Download your Blabla Live app today and buy classes now and feel good about speaking English!

Successful Public Speaking

Over the years I have become an expert in public speaking. For 20 years I made my living from motivational speaking. I was not born with the gift of the gab. I recall at school there was a debating class and we all had to take turns debating. I hated it. I was uncomfortable standing in front of the class. I recall I used to blush and sweat profusely. My thoughts did not flow, and I got tongue-tied. I dreaded the occasions I had to speak. Four years later I was asked to read a passage and comment on it in a youth event. I managed to read the passage and then froze. I said, "This is a wonderful passage" and sat down. Since then, I have managed to speak before large audiences, in different countries of the world, and an amazing variety of settings. I am still nervous before I start speaking. Every time. Nevertheless, as soon as I start to speak, I relax and enjoy the flow and interaction with the audience. What made the difference.? It was quite simple in fact. Choosing the subject. I discovered if I was familiar with the subject, in fact, an expert in the field, then I communicated confidently and passionately. This led to audience reactions that helped reinforce my confidence. A quietness as they paid attention, warm applause when they agreed with me. I began to realize the issue of public speaking was no personal popularity, but the power of the ideas expressed. Thus, I chose carefully and spoke passionately and became confident in my field.


Careers have gone through many different changes. Years ago, most children went to school and afterward chose a career. There were basic careers available that enabled society to function. Becoming a civil servant was seen as a solid career with a good future. You entered the Civil service as a school leaver and remained there till you retired at 60. Another career was joining the police force. It was a respectable career with good prospects and a good future. Others perused careers in activities such as farming, fitting, and turning, electricians, and plumbers. Over the decades the picture has changed. Society has undergone amazing transformations. Especially the emergence of technology. In a few short years desktop computers were invented and became commonplace. Laptop computers arrived and then the smartphone. Life was changing and so were careers. People were finding careers online. From online influencers, blog writers and teaching. One of those was teaching. Instead of being confined to a classroom every time you wanted to learn a subject, you could now learn on your smartphone. This meant that no matter the time, or the place you could open your smartphone and have a lesson. This was especially popular with English language students. I recall having to sit in a classroom and instruct students in English. Today I simply open the Blabla Live app and begin to give English lessons to students via the app. Likewise, the students no longer need to take long trips to their classrooms to attend class. They switch on their app and can study with their English tutor.

Advice to People Just Getting Started

The first day at a new job is the most exciting and the most difficult of any day. You wake up excited because at last, you are going to start your dream job. As the time draws near for you to start your excitement is joined by nervousness. You begin to realize how much you do not know. Not only about the job but simple things like the building layout and where the restrooms are. You walk through the doors look at everyone else going in and feel lost. Some basic tips can help you feel comfortable. When you are informed that you have the position ask directly where you must report. Get the name of a specific person and specific room. Now as you enter your task is to find the office of one person. All it takes is a smile and to ask, "Can you tell me where to find Mary in Room 9?“. You will quickly find someone who will direct you. If you have never met Mary before, ask for her description. As you walk along with your guide simply say that you have never met Mary before and ask," What is she like?" That will keep the conversation flowing and give you useful information. Once you are connected to your superior at work you may be given a mentor. Always ensure you remember their names and use them. A mentor is useful as they will spend time introducing you to your place and role in the organization. You will be given a workplace and be introduced to colleagues. Ask for the restroom, kitchen, and various staff areas. Confirm the working hours and when you can have a lunch break. Make notes as the day passes especially about your daily routines. That means tomorrow when you arrive you can feet to your notes and start being productive. At the end of the day thank your mentor for their help and let them know you appreciated their input. Do not be the first person out the door. Try to leave with the others in your department. Joining Blabla Live to start learning English can also be stressful. But the same rules apply. Make sure you know who to connect with. Find out who your teacher is and where you can connect with them. Ask questions and become comfortable with the learning platform. The tutors at Blabla Live will always help you get started.

Dreams Are Coming True for ESL Nurses

Nursing is a world wide profession that is widely respected. Florence Nightingale established a school for nursinibg in 1860 in England. It was the first secular nursing school in the world and gave rise to a highly professional career to millions of especially women. Today there is a huge demand for nurses worldwide. The recent Covid pandemic has given a huge demand for qualified nurses to help treat those who have been infected by this virus. Due to the worldwide spread of this virus there are countries that are experiencing massive shortages of nurses. This is due to the fact the countries did not have enough trained nurses in their health systems. The other is because many nurses themselves were infected by the virus whilst serving in the overwhelmed hospitals. The result is that many countries are recruiting nursing staff to fill positions in their health care systems. Countries such as the UK, and Canada are actively recruiting people to practice nursing in their countries. To qualify you will need to have nursing training. However, apart from that you will need to speak English. On most English speaking countries you will need to have IELTS band 7 to qualify. At Blabla Live we can assist you to reach this band level. Our profesional English tutors are experienced in helping students learn English and to pass their IELTS band levels. Download the app now and sign up for IELTS and take the steps necessary to launch a new career.

All about IELTS, TOEIC and EIKEN

English proficiency is vital for many different reasons. These are migration, university entrance and employment. Within different countries, there are English skills required for different learning institutions and employment requirements. There are different tests available in different countries. The main ones are IELTS, TOIEC and Eiken. IELTS, according to IELTS Organization is a British based organization, and its testing is well regarded in most countries. IELTS has been created to assess the level of English language proficiency. In particular, IELTS is used by the UK, USA, Australia Canada and New Zealand. However, there are 140 countries that accept it. It assesses your ability to Speak, Read, Listen, and Write. It is scored by bands. It has two categories, general and academic English. The latter is for university entrance in these countries. Different countries accept different bands as do different institutions depending on the field you study. On average, however, the minimum is between 5.5 and 7.5. The test is done online currently, and the results are valid for 2 years. TOEIC is another popular English proficiency assessment testing system. In particular, TOEIC is used by employers worldwide to assess potential employees' English levels. TOEIC tests listening and reading skills. There are 44 countries that require TOEIC testing, and these are spread all over the world. The exceptions are the UK, USA, New Zealand, and Australia. According to Roell, Kelly. In his article "Average TOEIC Listening and Reading Scores." average scores required for university entrance are 311 for listening and 257 for reading. Nevertheless, the scores fluctuate depending on which country you want to go to and the institution or the education level. A PhD will require a higher level than high school. EIKEN is a unique English assessment system used extensively in Japan. The EIKEN organization says it is backed by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). It cooperates with Japanese prefectural and local boards of education, public and private schools, and other leading testing bodies. It has international recognition and is accepted by over 400 universities in the USA, Canada and Australia to mention a few countries. However, many countries throughout the world recognise it. The tests cover a broad spectrum of language ability and are therefore very thorough. It is also very popular with more than 2 million test takers using it every year. The EIKEN tests have two stages. In the first stage which is Reading and Listening you need a score of 745 and to pass the second stage, you need a score of 353. If you are having to do one of these tests you will benefit from being coached by Blabla Live expert tutors who can assist you with the required English skills and familiarize you with the system. At Blabla Live you will find English tutors with experience in IELTS, TOEIC and EIKEN assessment testing. You will receive one on one tutoring for an affordable cost and get great scores.

Blabla Live - more than just an app, it's a community!

People today are stressed and lonely. Covid has caused people to feel isolated and often separated from colleagues’ family and friends. Before Covid we all went to the office, the shop, the school, or university to work. We were surrounded by our colleagues. After work we could go shopping, go to restaurants and movies, and visit our friends and family. Then that was mostly cut off. Not only Covid causes loneliness, divorce, moving to a new country or even a new job can create a feeling of aloneness. Some people who downloaded Blabla app and told their unique stories. One student told us she lives alone and found the lessons were “feel good” lessons. She says they make her feel good and looks forward to them. This is beyond the excellent English tutoring she was receiving. The personal touch of her tutor made her “feel good “! Another Blabla student had a baby and experienced postpartum depression. She downloaded the app and started lessons. During her lessons she was able to talk to her teachers and be encouraged to ‘open up’ and recover because her teacher was so kind. One woman was depressed because she needed to improve her English for an interview. She was not sure she would pass the English component of the interview. After some lessons specifically ‘on being interviewed’ she came back with the good news that she had been employed. She was so happy she took the Blabla lessons. Blabla is a great English language learning app. The app lets you access 10,000 English language videos created by native English speakers free of charge! There is a free Round Table chat room where you can meet and chat with others who are learning English. You can also have one on one lessons with a tutor for a small fee.

The Amazing Blabla App!

Blabla app is creating an impact around the world. There are exciting developments in different countries. The app is being used by students in China, Japan, Turkey, Ukraine, Europe, and South America. The students are from different walks of life such as professionals needing English for work, students who require English to attend universities, and tourists who want to be able to communicate when they are touring different countries. At the same time, I see some similarities with Latin American market and China market. The Chinese students are very friendly and open. They love using apps and are comfortable with downloading and trying out new apps. They are also at ease using their cell phone numbers when registering online. The South Americans are very similar. The South American students are easy to engage with and to chat to. They are excited about the app and have no issues with using their smart phones and cell phone numbers to register with Blabla. This makes it exciting as they come onboard and start to experience superb English tuition and conversation practice. Both the Chinese students and the South American students are gregarious and love talking to each other on the free Round Table chat room. Don’t be left behind! There is a new wave of English learning technology available using the Blabla app. It is free to download and free to use. You get 10000 videos to watch and learn English from. These were created by native English speakers. There are free chat rooms where you can freely have conversations in English with others. It is a fun way to develop and grow. If you prefer you can have one-on-one lessons with tutors who can help you achieve a high levels in IELTS or TOEIC tests and other English tests. Download the app now and be part of a growing community!