How to create amazing Video Series

While individual ESL short videos will always remain popular, we're seeing a growing need and positive response to the video series created by y'all—hooray! If you already started to or have been making series, great job on that! If you haven't, now is a good time to give it a shot!

Why is creating video series recommended?

1. Clear content selection for users: Binge-watch effects.

Users don't always know what they are looking for in videos. Instead of having them navigating through single independent videos that are unrelated to each other, we can guide their choices with correlated, interesting, and rich content through video series to help them identify their needs and preference. When we make our users' lives easier, they become sticky followers! Don't you remember the addictive feeling when you binge-watch Netflix? Well, now it's time for them to binge watch your series!

2. Potential paid video series courses.

Since video series are getting more popular,we are currently designing paid courses for video series which will be rolled-out soon. We're constantly on the lookout for great series to be considered for this upcoming opportunity, so keep that in mind and take advantage of it!

3. Chatbot recommendation for video series.  

Our ready-to-launch in-app chatbot is being designed to recommend more quality video series to users.

If you're ready to make series, here are some tips to help with your creative process!

1. Content Planning

Great content planning is the key to qualiy content of any kind. Here are a few ways you can design your series:

Progressive content

Back in school, we learned subjects through tons of lectures. With progressive video lessons, similar concept applies. You can create a series on a subject by adding more in-depth context to build on the previous video, which results in a progressive learning process. For example, if you want to fully educate your audience on how spaceship works, your can break it down into several videos so they can master the subject step-by-step.

You can even make series with various difficulty levels on the same subject to challenge and encourage the advancement of your users' English proficiency. By the end of the series, your audience should be fully educated on the topic you chose to teach. A great example for this type of series is creator Beth Stanley's "Awesome Facts About Animals". See example:


You can also create series with videos that are somewhat independent of one another and each tells a different story, but are still under the same theme. For example, in a video series on Awesome Facts, you can talk about a unique fact in each video, but they're all under the same collection. A great example for this type of series is Louise Farrow's "British Brands". See example:

Make it fun!

People love content that are fun to watch. There are many ways to make your videos engaging and great. There is no way to define what "fun" looks like because doing so will only limit our creativity. That's why it's very important to explore and find your own style. Here is an example from Ian Stephens' "Expressions" series.

Keep in mind that the above examples are only small part of the whole amazing videos out there that all of you have been creating. Many of your work are full of surprises every day!

2. Brand It

Create a catchy title

The first thing your audience sees is your video title. With the right keyword* in the title, it will quickly indicate the general focus and communicates the Purpose and Value (which can be used to determine the keywords in the title) of your video. If done right, it will directly lead to increased views and even followers

*Note: In the digital marketing world,"keywords" refer to the key terms website users enter in search engine query to find what they're looking for. Same thing applied to the app, if you think from users' point of view and tailor your title to your audience with the relevant keywords they would search for in the app, then your audience are more likely to view and engage with your videos.

Design a cover image

A well-designed cover image attracts the eyeball. When you managed to successfully get their attention quickly, you're half way there. For cover image to appear welcoming and relevant to your content, consider keeping some elements consistent across all videos under the same series (e.g. photo, background color, graphic design, clothing, etc.) that communicates a shared theme.

Brief English introduction and description

Having a well-written description makes all the difference. It provides your audience an idea of what the video is about before they even clicked open, and if done right, can help elevate your personal brand by appearing professional and thorough.

Other video elements

Consider incorporating other visual and audio elements to make your content look awesome. For detail elements, check out Creating a "Lifelike" Experience For Your Audience.

Make sure all aspects have a consistent theme.

Hopefully you now have some inspirations for your next video series creation. Keep it up and know that you're rocking it! In the meantime, check out 8 Tips on Making Great Videos for more ideas to make your videos interesting and unique.