what Makes A video Popular

Have you ever wondered why some videos are more well-received than others? Today I want to share with you some aspects that make a video popular. Let's take a look at an example of a video made by Mary:

To date, this video has received 58 likes, 4 comments, and 3 shares - The champion of all time in the BlaBla app.

What makes this video popular?

1. Trending topic

Choosing the right topic is almost always a guarantee of winning. In this video, we can clearly see the keyword such as "Donald Trump" and "Controversial“ in the title and that almost has a pull effect on audience to click the video open. Why is it successful?

1) Donald Trump is a trending subject across the globe, specifically among users in China.
2) The keyword "controversial" always draws attention.

Understanding the preference and psychology of your audience is key. That means keeping up with the topics that are trending globally and within China, and designing your title and video to reach your audience's emotions. It is one thing to read a news topic out loud and explain the new vocabulary, and another to expand on it, draw some insights, and tell a story. Always remember, a great video always has a purpose.

Some areas that are great to look into are:

*Note: It's recommended to do research on your audience. Refrain from touching on sensitive (political) topics that could stimulate or bring up offensive reactions from users.

2. Objective opinion

Objective opinions are usually more well-received than subjective opinions. Just like how objectivity in journalism helps audience make up their own mind about a theory with all the facts on the table, video stories can do the same. It not only provides the space for audeince to form their own conclusions, but also increase the level of trust and respect towards the presenter which contributes to popularity in the long-run.

In the video above, the presenter used a neutural approach to simply introduce and describe the background, career, and characteristics of Donald Trump. The art of staying neutral is that it sometimes creates an unintentional humorous effect when covering matters that usually fuel subjective responses.

3. Engaging delivery style

In the video, we could see that the presenter puts a laptop screen in front of herself and uses visual elements like presentation slides (each contains a unique vocabulary and image) to facilitate her video teaching. This delivery style works like a charm because it:

1) Works like a white board with content clear enough for students to see and interpret.
2) Helps focus audience's attention on the subject or concept being tought.
3) Keeps things fun and engaging.

Hopefully you now have some inspirations for your next video series creation. Keep it up and know that you're rocking it! In the meantime, check out BlaBla blog page for more tips to make your videos interesting and unique.