Dreams are coming True for ESL Nurses

Nursing is a world wide profession that is widely respected. Florence Nightingale established a school for nursing in 1860 in England. It was the first secular nursing school in the world and gave rise to a highly professional career to millions of especially women.

Today there is a huge demand for nurses worldwide. The recent Covid19 pandemic has given a huge demand for qualified nurses to help treat those who have been infected by this virus.
Due to the worldwide spread of this virus there are countries that are experiencing massive shortages of nurses. This is due to the fact the countries did not have enough trained nurses in their health systems. The other is because many nurses themselves were infected by the virus whilst serving in the overwhelmed hospitals.
The result is that many countries are recruiting nursing staff to fill positions in their health care systems.

Countries such as the UK, and Canada are actively recruiting people to practice nursing in their countries. To qualify you will need to have nursing training. However, apart from that you will need to speak English.

On most English speaking countries you will need to have IELTS band 7 to qualify. At Blabla Live, we can assist you to reach this band level. Our professional English tutors are experienced in helping students learn English and to pass their IELTS band levels.

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