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What does BlaBla provide?

We provide a fun, lifelike, and immersive English learning experience for learners (aged 12+) in Asia (China, South East Asia, etc.). BlaBla offers the experience of a fully immersive English learning experience in the form of short videos created by native English speakers.

BlaBla has the advantages of a short video social media platform and satisfies users' fragmented language learning needs to achieve a sustainable learning result. With unlimited video topics, game-based quizzes, and top-notch technology, BlaBla transforms English education by making it more accessible and engaging than ever.

Where can I download the app?
Do I need teaching certificates and experiences to apply?

No teaching certificates required. Teaching experiences are preferred but not required.

What are the qualifications to become a Video Content Creator?

Key qualifications are:

1. Native English speakers (born in a native environment or grew up in a native environment with native accents).
2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
3. Highly creative and articulate; able to deliver message effectively.
4. Previous ESL teaching or related teaching experiences preferred.
5. Strong Familiarity with short-form online video platforms (e.g. TikTok, Instagram).
6. Passionate about teaching and creating educational and storytelling videos.
7. Work well in a team.
8. Comfortable speaking in front of cameras and socializing.

See job postings for detailed qualifications.

How do I apply?

You can either apply directly by submiting your resume on our Website or find our job postings on Teachaway

What is the interview process like?

Successful candidates typically go through the interview process as below:

Demo video submission > Demo video review > An interview to understand candidate's background > Sign employee agreement > Follow guidelines to upload videos

Who are Video Content Creators?

Native English speakers with a passion to teach English online with videos. You can be located anywhere in the world!

How long is the contract?

Contracts are renewed every 3 months.

How long is each video lesson?

Current short video lessons are between 30 seconds to 1 minute long on BlaBla.

How are the videos made?

Videos can be recorded with any device as long as they are Vertical with the aspect ratio of 9:16 and a resolution of at least 720x1280 or 1080x1920.

How do I upload videos?

To upload videos, you will need to first download our app:

Other Android users
Once downloaded, go to "Creator Centre" > "Apply to become a creator" > "Upload video".

What are the guidelines to video creation?

Check out this video tutorial. Details can be found in this PDF.

How much do I get paid? Per hour or per video?

Video Content Creators (teachers) get paid by the hour spent on video lesson creation. The hourly rate is USD $11.5/hr.

How are my hours tracked?

BlaBla uses Clockify to track employee hours. Video Content Creators will punch in when they start working, and punch out when they finish working.

How many videos am I expected to make per hour?

Video Content Creators are expected to produce 2 to 3 videos per hour. Producing one video an hour is acceptable in the first month, starting in the second month content creators are expected to speed up and maintain a ratio of 2 videos per hour minimum once familiar with the procedure. Penalties including termination of contract will be applied if the required 2 videos per hour minimum cannot be met after the first month.

Are there minimum required hours of work?

Video lessons need to be submitted 10 days after signing the employee agreement. Producing more than 50 short videos each month is preferred, except for those who are working on the paid courses.

When will I be paid?

Payments are on the 10th of the following month. If your monthly billable hours are less than 5 hours, the current month's payment will be deferred to next month.

How do we get paid?

Payments are done via LetsDeel.com. You will receive an invite from the team and when the payment is ready, you can choose Wire, PayPal, etc. any method you like to withdraw the money.

How much tax do I need to pay?

You will be responsible for your own taxes as an independent contractor in accordance with individual tax jurisdictions or state laws.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at:
You can submit your resume at: