The English Learning App for the Gen Z

We harness the power of video lessons to help users learn English from native speakers, no matter where in the world they are.

Speaking Evaluation

Speaking evaluation provides a total score, accuracy completion, and fluency scores. These scores combined with your language level and your interests are used to create a personalized learning experience for you.

Various Speaking Practice Modes

You have access to Speaking Practice, Conversation Practice, Pair Speaking to sharpen your language speaking skills. These innovations let you learn how native speakers use the language in a fun way.

Personalized Learning Plan

Over 1000 video series provide you an endless choice of topics, including topics related to your everyday life and entertaining. You can also subscribe to a learning plan to have a bird-eye view of your learning journey.

Drop-In Audio Chatroom

The drop-in audio chatroom is an online meeting room between native speakers and language learners. Hosts, represented by native speakers, engage with learners on a trendy topic discussion.